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'The Golden Rule'/ 'The Ethic of Reciprocity'

' The Golden Rule ' or ' The Ethic of Reciprocity ' is a term used with reference to the moral maxim that advocates treating others as we want to be treated. It advocates treating other people impartially irrespective of their color, religion, ethnicity, race or geographical location. Most religious implementations of the golden rule , use it as a virtue toward greater compassion and respect for one's neighbor.  Without compassion, law can not attain justice. Without justice there is hardly peace. When compassion guides our policies, our rules become golden. The ethic of reciprocity is the moral foundations of world's major religions. It should not be confused with the law of retaliation, harm principle,   retributive justice,  consequential rule  and liberty principle.  The maxim may appear in directive form or prohibitive form or responsive form,  in many religions and cultures : • D irective form: " Treat others as you would like others to treat you.&qu